Curating bespoke styles for every hair texture, our trendsetting stylist redefines your look with precision and flair

Step into your new favorite hair haven

where style meets individuality.

Labó, a cozy corner in the heart of Lisbon, where quality takes the stage, putting you at the center of a well-deserved moment for yourself. Your hair, an emblem of your uniqueness, deserves to shine. At Labó, we specialize in the art of hair cutting, crafting styles that resonate with your individuality.


Immerse yourself in a salon experience that not only enhances your beauty but also contributes to a greener world with our friendly practices.

Team of experienced

Our services are curated and executed by a dedicated team of experienced professionals, ensuring every visit is a seamless blend of skill, creativity, and personalized care.


Indulge in quality without breaking the bank – at our salon, affordable prices meet exceptional service for a beauty experience that fits your budget.


Your satisfaction is our promise. With every haircut, style, and treatment, we guarantee a personalized and satisfying experience that leaves you looking your best

The story of Labó

Hello, I’m Arnaud, and Labó is more than just a salon—it’s a space where authenticity reigns. In my haven, I encourage you to embrace your true self, steering away from societal norms. Life is too short to conform, don’t you think? With years dedicated to my craft, I’ve honed my skills as a hair designer, specializing in the art of cutting hair in the most unique and individualistic ways.